Emotional Courthouse Elopement in Olympia, WA ~ Kristen and Bradley | Olympia Wedding Photographer


Kristen contacted me about a week before she and her fiance Bradley were planning to get married in a small ceremony at Thurston Courthouse. Thankfully since it's November and the wedding was on a week day I was free. We braved the cold and met up beforehand at Capital Lake as it had just snowed heavily that morning. There were still a lot of fall colors and I got some great shots of the two of them before we headed up to the courthouse. Bradley is in the service and is being sent to Germany shortly which is why they wanted to get married. Kristen was overcome with emotion while saying her vows, girl I feel you! Every time I even think about what I'm going to say for my vows I get a little teary. Even though it was a short, small ceremony these two clearly have a lot of love for each other and I was so happy to capture it.