Looking Back at My Wedding


It's been about a month now since I got married and while over all I'm pretty happy about how things went there's a lot I would have done differently that I thought I might share. First off, doing a backyard wedding is hard! There's so much more to set up and because we'd never had such a big event at our home before I had no idea how it was going to come together. We had about 10 60" tables and I was afraid they weren't going to fit and we ended up having plenty of space. Almost too much! I think the biggest thing I would have done differently would be to hire a day of coordinator. My mom's friend has a lot of experience with event planning and we had sat down together previously so I thought she would do it. I found out last minute that she was too busy so I asked my mom to fill the role. Sigh. My mom and I do not communicate well and while she tried her best she mostly just stressed me out. I also wish I had spent more time organizing the decor that I had. I spent the past year thrifting like crazy and in the end half of it didn't get used because it was just all over the place. I wish that I had made a list of everything that needed to be done and assigned those tasks to specific people. I definitely have a few family members who worked some miracles for me and to them I am forever grateful! Our theme was Gold Glitter Disco and so many people showed up in amazing costumes, it made me so happy! Our ceremony was really heartfelt and a lot of people were in tears, self included. My friend Matthew officiated for us while our friends Katie and Chris did readings we chose from Ursula K Leguin and Phillip K Dick novels. We made signing the marriage license part of the ceremony and asked our surviving Grandmothers to be our witnesses which they found really touching. And while we did the paperwork Hans' parents performed a song which was really sweet. For dinner we had Thai food from Lemon Grass and everyone got a pair of gold chopsticks to take home. One of our favorite local musicians, Briana Marela, performed for our first dance which absolutely could not have been more perfect! Then we changed into our 70s outfits and burlesque babes Hattie Hotpants and Bettie Beelzebub did a fabulously disco centric routine that brought the house down. And after that we pretty much danced all night and I was hungover for a week! Having been through it I realize now just how important my job is and I'm so glad I hired Mary Kalhor to capture it all for us.