Park Wedding on Mount Tabor, Kennedy School Reception in Portland, OR ~ Tabitha and Darrick | Portland Wedding Photographer


Tabitha and Darrick found me through my listing on A Practical Wedding, which is my favorite wedding blog. We met at a cafe in Portland and bonded over our love for feminist scifi and they told me they were hoping for a pretty simple, laid back ceremony that would take place on Mount Tabor. Hell yes! On the day of the wedding we were all a little nervous because there had been so much smoke in the air from the summer wildfires but luckily it seemed to clear up a bit on their day. Then as Tabitha was putting on her dress there was a catastrophic wardrobe malfunction- her zipper separated making it impossible to close. With a cool head and a pair of pliers I managed to get it back together and save the day. Phew! The rest of the day went off without a hitch and Tabitha and Darrick had a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family. It even rained a bit during the reception at the Kennedy School, which was a welcome relief after so much smoke and drought.